Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zune Cozy

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I've been knitting for years and I've never made my own pattern, so here it is. Yay!

It's a Zune.. Cozy... thing. I made it for my 80gb Zune. I'm working on one for my friends' Ipod touch. They knit so quickly :)

Caron Simply Soft yarn, 5 (size 1) dpns.

CO 48sts (in the round, so 12sts per needle), k 45 rows in (k2, p2) rib stitch.
Then make button flap shape of your choice (and pattern, I used stockinette). I knit about 10 rows then decreased at the beginning and end of each row until it was long enough. Oh, and don't forget the button hole! When you decide where you want it, cast off a few stitches so your button will fit through. Then all you have to do is stitch the bottom together on the inside and sew on the button.

I suppose I didn't need to be difficult and use size 1 needles, but I hadn't used them yet and I was looking for an excuse :)

The pattern also works nicely in different patterns. I made one in stockinette with rib stitch at the top and no button flap.


  1. cool cozy. i might just go make one,too! altho not as such little needles, i don't even know if i own a pair of 1s!!

  2. that's a very pretty pattern. I'm going to try it on circulars, that's the only way I know how to make something tubular. Thanks for sharing!

  3. PS what do you use for spam control when people post comments? I like yours much better than the difficult ones to read like Captcha